Born in a small town in Central PA I was given everything I needed to become what I am today. Not only was I lucky to receive a great public education but also get a college degree at Millersville University. Having a Business degree, yes that is right has nothing to do with operating a blog or a creative edge to give my readers what they want. Well I will try very hard to disprove your hypothesis (if that’s what you English majors call it).

My style of writing is not conventional but that may be the reason I can make it in this realm. As of now I plan to write about anything that crosses my find, mostly sports but that is not always the case. Sometimes it is a social issue in sports or just a plan social issue.

I HAVE NO GUIDELINES, This is a complete unfiltered look at what I have to say. As we add writers and flavor and a little bit of spice, I hope you grow to enjoy and join us on an adventure that has  direction.


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