The Panthers on Prime

Last week Amazon Prime released its fourth season of ‘All or Nothing’. A series that takes Hard Knocks to the next level by following an NFL team through the entire season through 8 episodes. This past year Amazon selected charismatic Cam and the Carolina Panthers. Not a popular pick in my book, I can think of a dozen other teams I would have wanted to see in 2018, but that is neither here nor there.

I have never been a “Riverboat” Ron Rivera fan, and I have no reason for that at all. After watching the season I would have to say my opinion on him has changed. Cam Newton also showed a leadership role that the media does not portray. Always seeing Cam as an emotional basket case, where this behind the scenes shows him more of a leader. This has to have spiked his likeness.

Greg Olson was also a big part of this series, without a doubt knew the cameras were on and is quite the ham. Respect for Olson is shown throughout the locker room and starts with the respect Newton shows him. Christian McCaffery on the other hand is not heard of much expect for him stumbling through telling the room a joke early in the season.

As with the previous three seasons the look into the position rooms and banter between players does not disappoint. Mostly seeing inside the QB room with Cam giving some lecture or leadership advice to some player going off the rails. It really should be renamed the Cam Newton show, as we get to see in his one of a kind wardrobe. Where Cam states he never wears and outfit twice, which we assume he is talking about his game day outfit, at least we hope.

A great moment comes before the Panthers go to Washington to take on former teammate Josh Norman. Luke Kuechly and Cam FaceTime with Norman about the upcoming game and give some great trash talking on how Cam is going to run him over if he gets the chance.

cam & Luke.PNG

The best part about ‘All or Nothing’ is the fact its the regular season and not just preseason. That being said it releases in July and you have to reset your mind back almost a year to the events that are going on. It seems to be just a little late. Not sure on the stipulations on when they are allowed to release as I would assume releasing episodes in real time would not be allowed by the Panthers or the NFL. There has to be a better answer unless it takes them that long to edit. Either way still a great watch as an avid football fan, I will take any football I can get in Mid July.