Pittsburgh: The Black and Gold

This past weekend my wife and I drove to west to Pittsburgh. Having family out that way we try to make it an annual trip but we are not always able. Taking the PA Turnpike the entire way makes for an easy drive and one I always question why we don’t take more often.

For those of you who have never been, it’s a steel town or better yet “the” steel town. Its passion for sports run deep with a uniqueness that I have yet to find somewhere similar for comparison. Three major rivers meeting together, making for the iconic yellow bridges throughout the city, a total of 446 to be exact, along with the mountains create a sentiment like no other.

Pittsburgh is not known for the bustling downtown as it is for its many neighborhoods in close proximity that make up the city. Downtown is called the Central Business District and is not terribly big.

Staying our weekend in Bloomfield we were still in the city but able to get the neighborhood feel.Capture pitt

Going over a weekend has its advantages, as we were able to walk to a pop-up market in a parking lot that otherwise seems unappealing. Dogs are everywhere, I am not sure you are aloud to live in the city limits and not own a dog. And if you own a dog, the first rule is you must bring it to the market to spend time with all the other dogs. Truth!….

One thing I forget is how big of the city is, from the neighborhoods that expand out toward Washington Blvd. to the off Broadway shows along with everything that goes along with being close to a river.


Known famously for the Primanti Bros. sandwich with all the fixings on top of the sandwich, although people there will tell you it’s overplayed at this point and extremely commercialized now. Still if you haven’t had it before make sure to check out the original one in the Strip District.other 2

On Sunday we went down to the Strip District where there are a bunch of shops and places to eat. If you want a cheap T-Shirt this is the place to get it!

We had brunch at Kaya a Caribbean Island influence. A very unique but very good brunch spot. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries, It’s a must. Check out my Yelp review for more on this place


Last we made it to a Pirates game for the Sunday afternoon series finale against the Padres. For a team that is usually below .500 they had quite the turn out. As a first timer in PNC Park I was very impressed with the stadium and even the food there too! It was a great experience and the view from behind home plate, seeing the bridge and city skyline in the backdrop is a view you won’t forget anytime soon.

It was a short weekend trip in a city that always has me wanting to come back soon. This trip was no different, not to mention the weather was perfect. If you haven’t been, simply you should!


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